Sunday, 19 October 2008

Yoga Vasista and me - a background

About 8 years ago, Guruji (Sri Sri) started asking us to read the Yoga Vasista. At that time, I was not even aware that such a scripture existed. I was told that it was conversation between Maharishi Vasista and Lord Rama. It took almost five years after that to actually purchase the book (Vasista’s Yoga by Swami Venkatesananda), and then in a matter of two months I read more than half of it. It was tremendous !!! Guruji keeps saying that everything is made up of consciousness and everything is just a play of consciousness. I had never understood this concept of consciousness, and it became very clear to me after my initial reading of the text. But then, I could not complete the text. In fact, I could not even open the book for another 4 years!!! Now, on this full moon day of the 14th of October 2008, I have restarted studying the book. And no surprise, everything is new and fresh!

Why did I start to write this summary?

I don’t know. I always am in the habit of taking notes whenever I read something new and making notes is a way of Manana (revision). I hope u remember Gurujis words on Shravana (hearing), Manana (revision) and Nidhidhyasa (establishing). So even though I am writing as if it is for somebody to read, it is for me to read.

Who do I think should read this?

Anybody who had been in the spiritual path for some time and as Valmiki puts it feels that I am bound. If you are a bachelor and u want to stay a bachelor, then you can read it. If you are a bachelor and you are desirous of companionship and marriage, the I would suggest you to wait for a couple of years after marriage before embarking on this journey, because I am sure you won’t get it and you won’t complete it!!


I thought it was very important to put a disclaimer notice. All that I write here is only my understanding and perception. I may be completely wrong. So if somebody reads it and feels that I am wrong, please don’t challenge me, as I am not going to respond. You are free to comment, criticise and educate, but no scope for argument.

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